Hey guys,

This is just a quick update on what I am reading right now. I went to East Ham library yesterday and I picked up a few new books I have been after for a long time. The books I managed to find from my long list were, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, To Kill a Mocking Bird and iBoy.

I have heard that all of these books are really good and I look forward to reading them. I have been waiting to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower for a long time so I will probably start by reading that one.

Have fun reading.

P.S  Some other books I am reading soon - Sophie McKenzie Missing series, Dead Time, The colour purple and Of Mice and Men.  
Sumiyya & Readers,
 I was planning on reading the Sophie McKenzie series this summer. I have heard it is a good book so you should definitely check it out. It is a series of three books. I have them all and when I am done reading I will get back to you on it. Keep blogging because I will have lots of questions.  
Talk about your favourite books. Recommmend books. Answer questions about books. But most of all have fun with books!!!

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