This is just an update of the books I am currently reading and have read.

I have finished reading the famous "Of Mice and Men" and I must tell that you that it is truly outstanding. It is one of my most loved books now for many reasons. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an amazing story out of the ordinary.
Usually when people hear about classical books like "Of Mice and Men and "To Kill a Mockingbird" they are afraid to read them because they think they will die of boredom. Let me tell you something that is total rubbish. My first impression of "Of Mice and Men" were ' I'm not sure this classical stuff is all that interesting.' But let me tell you "Of Mice and Men" has an extremely good storyline with strong characters. I found when I read this book I found that I could much significance in the story. It was almost like making a jigsaw, in the end you see the bigger picture. Overall great book I so recommend it!

Currently I am reading "Shift" by Em Bailey, which a friend has told me is very good and so far I agree. It is kind of giving me the chills! More on that later.


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