This is a picture of Ari. I don't know about you but nowhere in the book did they mention that the Erasers looked wolf-like! Is this how you imagined them? Let me know what you think! Post "More Maximum Manga" for more pics like this.

Nilum Khaliq
07/24/2013 1:36pm

Hahaha me again! Yep this is exactly how I imagined them because from the book it does say they turn completely wolf-like. I guess it might also be because of the werewolves in twilight.

Nilum Khaliq
07/25/2013 2:04am

I don't understand one thing did the scientists create the werewolves and the bird creatures in the School? If yes then why are they torturing Angel in the first book (the scientists) and why are the werewolves trying to kill the flock...

07/25/2013 2:19am

Well Nilum,
The Eraser and the flock were created in the school! The have created the Erasers to capture the flock and bring them back to the school. Jeb helped the flock escape sometime ago, the scientists at the school wanted the flock back. When they kidnapped Angel they wanted to carry out experiments on her.

Hoped that helped.

Nilum Khaliq
07/27/2013 4:02am

I didn't know Ari had a scar, do you know where he got it from?
I think I sent another message saying that the thing able the School was helpful, if not then I'm saying it now


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