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I have not yet read all of the books so I am not sure if Fang and Max get back together. I am currently on the "Angel" book (7/8). So far I am left thinking that Fang has moved on and has settled for Max's clone. He says that Maya (Max's clone) is a unique person and although she reminds him of Max, he doesn't see her that way.
Dylan and Max seen to be good match despite what us readers may think. Dylan was made for Max as her perfect other half. I am not sure yet but I think Max will give into Dylan and they will be their own couple. I will let you know what happens. I think that is most likely the case as Fang and Max are pretty mad at each other and cannot stop bickering after Fang left and they reunited. I think Max feels that they are drifting apart and Fang is not helping the situation, he seems too busy with Maya. 

Umm...I am not exactly sure when Ari was born but I do know that he was born as a normal boy. He is Jeb real son. However Ari is not the son of Dr Martinez, the same way Jeb is not the father of Ella. Ari has a different mother. Jeb experimented on Ari by making him into the first Eraser. The Erasers, as you may know were made to hunt the flock and bring them back to the school. Ari has always felt like Jeb loves Max more than him and that is why he hates Max. 
Later you will find out that Ari was just a hurt little boy who was made into a monster. All he ever wanted was to belong, to feel love


Nilum Khaliq
07/26/2013 11:01am

Thanks Aminah that helped a lot. Aww I really wanted Max and Fang to stay with each other!!

Nilum Khaliq
07/26/2013 11:06am

OMG guess what Aminah, I was just reading the plot of Nevermore and guess what I found out!!
(Sorry it's going to be a spoiler but I have to tell you)
Maya dies in Fangs arms when an Eraser attacks Fang's Flock!!


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